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"at the end of the day,
you have to be strong for yourself, because no one will be strong for you."

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Goodbye Varsity (May 7, 2011 / 20:16)

Mandatory vices to celebrate the end of examinations and varsity life.
Coincidentally, it's also the day before polling day.


Realization, Revelation (Feb 13, 2011 / 01:21)

Today, I realize that not everyone is born with perfect legs, thus I learn to treasure mine.
Today, I realize that face to face meetings are much more effective.
Today, I realize that the weather has been warmer and more humid.
Today, I realize that the mattress I've been sleeping on has accumulated decades worth of dust.
Today, I realize that grandma's pumpkin cake is still best eaten piping hot.
Today, I realize that grandma left her employer's to bring me up.
Today, I realize that grandma's fingers are coarse, cracked, dry and peeling from decenniums of housework.
Today, I realize that all the money in the world can't buy faithfulness nor solutions. (It can be exchanged for a life without hardship and alcohol though.)
Today, I realize that health really is wealth.
Today, I realize that my mom is a coward on the road.
Today, I realize that I'm a coward too, in other aspects.
Today, I realize that if you care too much, you'll get hurt eventually.
Today, I realize that the amount of effort one puts into a relationship is not always reciprocated (like I didn't realize that before).
Today, I realize that I was am imbecile at 15, 16,18 and 19.
Today, I realize that I can put myself in others' shoes, almost perfectly, still.
Today, I realize that I'm still a good listener.
Today, I realize that no one will be able to figure me out, cos I can't figure me out too.
Today, I realize that I acknowledged these empty sensations which I've been shutting out.
Today, I realize that I shouldn't doubt my choice to choose Psychology as my major, because, it's what I strove hard for and I consider it one of the best choices I've made in life so far.

Most importantly, family, relatives and friends shape my living realm. As much as possible, I'd kick aside my insecurities and try forge stronger bonds with them.

Today, is the day I start living.


2011! (Jan 18, 2011 / 23:43)

Smashing good new year which started out with a sprint towards the floating platform where we were suppose to catch the fireworks. We all managed to see bits and pieces of it if not for the gigantic greenery. Massive crowd, humid weather, atrocious security, cab woes and drunk drama all in one night. Thanks for the fun gaizzzzzzze <3

Pre 2011 party at Adam Road, all thanks to J.T.

2011 is gunna BOOMZ my socks off!


Bring on 2011 (Dec 31, 2010 / 18:05)

2010 has been a helluva ride. I had my ups and downs, and frankly speaking, I can hardly recall those bad times, except struggling with my emotions. Even that, I overcame, so 2010 has been good.
2011 would be an even better year, though it'll be filled with more obstacles and opportunities, I do hope that I'd find delight and magic amongst them.
Let's goooooooooooo!


Tron Fantasy (Dec 18, 2010 / 01:43)

Marry me, wearing this suit.


Cleaning Cobwebs (Dec 10, 2010 / 02:09)

Here to sweep off the accumulated dust! November was hectic, pressing for deadlines, endless group meetings and rehearsing for presentations. Drained of energy, I wasn't sure if I would be motivated enough to pull through another week of intense revision for all four of my written papers, 2 on Monday and another 2 on Tuesday. Powell et al's textbook came in handy though! Detached myself from the usual desk, moved to the desk by the window, allocating 1 hour an immersed my mind in revision materials. It helped tremendously! However, truth be told, the time restriction couldn't captivate my fleeting thoughts firmly and thus, I deviated on some occasions. Shall pump in more effort to revise consistently in my final semester.

Though Zipping through 4 papers in 2 days is tough, relishing about the short get-away to Penang with Mom and the relatives made it easier. This time round, I had the chance to trot about Georgetown. Paid visits to religious sites, a favourite with the two elderlies. The Snake Temple, situated on a hilltop was the hardest for Ah-mah. Her aged knees pulled her back many times, but with periodic rests and Mom's arms for support, she managed to pay respects to the holy figures.
Buffet breakfast at the hotel was heavenly. Perfectly scrambled eggs with the scent of milk lingering, mini croissants, fragrant rye bread, coco crunch and honey stars half-drowned in cold milk - all so very westernized. My relatives all dove into asian delights - fried rice, stir fried noodles and vegetables, soon kueh, bee tai mak and the likes.

Apart from shopping at commercialized buildings, we had a glimpse of the day market, which is unlike Singapore's wet markets. Grocers arranged their perishables side by side; butchers displayed large portions of raw pork from meat hangers, the stench unbearable to some; little mountains of prawns were hawkered, with little swatting of flies dancing by; roadside stalls selling trinkets and jewelry, cheap thrills from bargaining a RM10 ring to RM7; perfect sweet dough fritters made on the spot, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside; the most mind-blowing cheap fare ever!!, fresh apom (liken to modern crepes, but of a smaller size), 3 for 1RM ONLY, thin crispy perimeter which is gradually thicker and softer towards the middle; chilled chendol and authentic penang laksa to round up the day's trip. Definitely one of the places that I would visit again! Almost forgot, paper thin popiah skins and tenderlicious bak kwa!!
Altogether, the excess eating before/during examinations plus excessive food tasting in penang, made me balloon to 57kg. Fortunately, the weight has since dwindled.

December is lined up with birthday parties and celebrations/gatherings. Relaxing is priority since it wouldn't be long till the next semester comes chasing away the holiday spirits.


Shinee - Replay (Nov 14, 2010 / 23:06)

Adrenaline and heart-pumping moves with a crazy bunch of mirthful friends makes me jolly and 'Shineeeeee'. :D
Thanks Taa, Celeste, Mich, Jasmine and our dance teacher. Shizz, I should go learn her name.